Porsche 968 Buyers Guide

This advice is given freely and is not warranted in any way, it constitutes basic checks that should be done before purchasing a Porsche 968. It may not be complete and so an individual should seek professional help and advice should they wish to purchase a car of this type.

Outside the car

  • Check each panel for signs of accident damage and also ask if it has any. Look for any dents, dings or ripples and different coloured paint.
  • Check condition of paint especially horizontal surfaces.
  • Check all light lenses are not broken or cracked (expensive to replace).
  • Check security of spoiler, can rattle and cause problems for the tailgate.
  • Check windscreen for delamination, chips and cracks.
  • Check sunroof seal and tailgate seal.
  • Check damper on each corner.
  • Check for oil leaks under the car.


  • Check alloys for scuffs or dents, dents may indicate suspension damage.
  • Check tyres for damage or uneven wear, possible wheel alignment problem.
  • Are the tyres all the same make, fronts will be smaller width than the rears.
  • Check key for locking wheel nuts is included.


  • Ask and check paperwork when were they last overhauled.
  • Ask if the calipers have been checked for 'plate lift'
  • What state are the disks in.
  • How much pad life is left.

Inside the car

  • Check oil pressure, should be 2-2.5 at idle and 4-5 over 2000rpm.
  • Check window operation.
  • Check door mirror operation.
  • Check sunroof opens and closes properly.
  • Is it an up to date stereo.
  • Check windscreen for chips or cracks, possible MOT failure.
  • Check footwell mats for dampness and also boot wells.
  • Check for signs of excess wear on interior.
  • Check for option code sticker underneath boot carpet, on the floor or on the vertical panel behind the left hand rear light. If it's missing it could indicate new / repaired bodywork after accident damage.


  • Check for any rattling noise from the Variocam.
  • If the car has covered more than 75000 miles ask if the camshafts, variocam chain and slides have been checked. Check documents.
  • What level of stretch is there in the cam chain?
    How worn are the Variocam pads?
    Are all the camshaft sprockets in good order?
    When were the belts last changed?
    Is the water pump showing signs of wear?
    What are the static cylinder pressures?
  • Timing belts and tensioners, Ask if this has been changed at the appropriate times. Check documents.
  • Ask if the balance shaft belt has been changed at the appropriate times. Check documents.
  • Check the oil level and condition.
  • Check the water level and condition.
  • Check power steering fluid.
  • Check for steering pump and hose leaks.
  • Check brake fluid level and condition. Check documents for brake fluid changes.


  • Check the V5 for owners name, address and number of keepers. Ask for when the owner bought it.
  • Check for complete service history and if it is OPC or Independent.
  • Check for any telltale none standard maintenance.
  • Check current MOT and previous ones for inconsistencies.

On a test drive

  • Check all gauges.
  • Check for Pinion bearing noise. Have the pinion bearings been done?
  • Check for steering pulling to one side.
  • Check for steering noises at full lock
  • Check for noisy or worn clutch.
  • Check handbrake operation and effectiveness.
  • Check for rattles.
  • Check ABS.

Checking for signs of a track used car. May not be a problem if properly maintained.

  • Tracked cars eyebolt left on tunnel side of seats
  • Rear shelf (behind seats on cs) marginally diferent colour (faded less - fitted later)
  • Rear seat belt points (lower and upper) obviously used at some point (for rear harness mounts and harness bar)
  • Eyebolt cover slightly more worn fitting than other side, eyebolt obviously used a few times (often put into place for track use)
  • Usual wear components replaced more often (history-receipts), discs, brake pads, front shocks, seals, bushes.
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