Speedtrap Detectors

A survey carried out by Mori in 2001 has suggested that drivers who use speedtrap detectors are 24% less likely to have an accident and on average also travel far more miles.

The number of speedtraps and Gatso cameras on our roads has led to an increase in the number of radar and speedtrap detectors available for the motorist. In the past we had some of these radar and speedtrap detectors listed on our 968Uk shop but because they are now so diverse and do many different jobs we have decided to just pass on the enquiries to our sister site the Radar Detector Shop.

To see the range of Speedtrap Detectors available, visit our sister site, Radar Detector Shop.

As with many cars that are capable of high speeds the Porsche 968 can seem to be going at a much lower speed than it actually is, so we would recommend some form of detector, possibly GPS based that will alert you to accident blackspots which are sometimes utilised by the Police and Speed camera Partnerships to catch people speeding.

You can see an example of a radar and speedtrap detector installation in a Porsche 968 on the following link. Porsche 968 radar/speedtrap detector installation.

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Cheetah C550

Cheetah C550 speed and red light camera detector


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Snooper 4Zero Elite

Snooper 4Zero Elite



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